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Originally posted by nolagurl
I just got a hedgehog yesterday (drove 10 hours to pick it up!). Hedgehogs ARE prone to mites so that may be where your snake got them from.
Hedgehogs can get mites, just like any animal, but they cannot get reptile mites. Reptile mites only affect reptiles, amphibians, and avians - not mammals. It really wouldn't matter to keep your hedgehogs in a seperate room from reptiles to avoid mites spreading, because it is an impossibility.

Originally posted by Scales Zoo
As regular maintenance and to make sure we never find mites sneaking back into our collection (people visiting the zoo could potentially bring them with them) - we spray everything, every 2 weeks. By doing this, we have not seen a mite on one of ours snakes for a very long time.
Although Nix is safe to use, it is still a pesticide. Doesn't it worry you to have your reptiles constantly exposed to it?
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