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Hey Kurzix,

Yeah, I really like the rainbows actually, for looks they've got to be by far my favourite that I've seen so far -- I think that they maybe get a bit long for me... but on the other hand, the fact that they don't have a big girth kinda makes the length ok I guess.
I heard that the humidity has to be at about 80%? How do you keep it that high?
I wish that there was a dwarf brazilian rainbow boa -- hehe Everyone seems to want to work towards BIGGER snakes though, not smaller ones... ah well ... just my luck! 10 lbs eh -- that's about the same weight as one of my cats. Hmmm...

I just put in holds for like every single snake book that the library has, LOL... so we'll see what kind of information I can find in there It's mostly the pictures that I'm interested in though, I find that most books that are out there are either updated, or a lot of the information is just blatantly wrong...

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