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Yup, ive thrown the hide away, changed the substrate to paper towel and i cleaned out the container with my nix spray. I saw a WHOLE BUNCH of dead mites all over the newspaper. Anyways, when i was cleaning i looked really closely at a few of the mites. They have a bit of a shine on their back, greenish, blueish, and redish. I also saw a white V shape on their back. Also, i saw some little clumps(1mm x 1mm and less) of red balls(which i assum to be eggs). There were some in random parts of the rubbermaid and on the thermometer. I dont see any mites crawling on the snake anymore. There were two when i put her back in but i nixed them, lol. I plan on reapeating this cycle lightly every 3 days, for about 3 weeks, with one heavy cycle once(1) a week. Thanks for all your help.

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