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My partner and I have our own pet rescue organization for exotic pets, and it doesn't ever stop. We had 22 RES in my kitchen last summer that were all rescued and very sick. All but one of those turtles made it and were rehomed in very well screened homes with ongoing contact and support from our org. The uncommon pets we currently have in our home that are unable to be rehomed due to illness etc include a tiger beardie with liver disease, 2 nasty iguanas, an unruly prairie dog, a richardsons ground squirrel with a constant head tilt from an old infection, a ferret with hyperadrenalcorticism, and more. In one of the local ponds nearby we have found map turtles, reeves turtles, snappers, wood turtles, and uncountable numbers of RES. It never stops and is definately heartbreaking (I can't count the number of animals that have been to far gone to save), but someone has to help them, and we are in a position that we can do that. We are able to do a lot of education with the public and do our best to educate pet stores in a way that they hopefully won't take offence and actualy listen to some advice. It would be very nice if we could all take in the odd not so favorable herp, but for some that isn't feesable. If we could all try to educate, it doesn't cost anything, won't take up space in your home, just takes up a little bit of time, we might start getting the message through about some of these animals and why they are't for everybody.

Just my 2 cents.
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