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its kind of ironic how some of the ppl on this site think that a ban or licensing should be put in order for pitbulls, when its this same ignorance that puts our hobby at risk..... and these same ppl defend keeping snakes because they keep them, but can so easily side with most of the population against pit bulls, because they dont own them.....

The people on these reptile internet sites only make up a MINORITY of the amount of people who actually KEEP reptiles... I wouldn't be surprised if more then 50% of reptile owners keep there animals in 1/2 a$$ condition and husbandry.
And i would imagine that the precentage is higher then 50% for "Good APBT owners" regardless of whether the dogs have the potential to kill, very rarely do you see a pit bull thats insane and always ready to only see unpredictable dogs like that after years of abuse and neglect...

So which deserves more of a ban or licensing in your mind?
Grant van Gameren
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