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Its all about status for some. "Look what I got!" The sad thing with reptiles is that alot of owners "keep" specimens to look cool. Monitor over Iguana, Burm over BP, well whats "cooler" a pitbull or a poodle. Big & mean helps feed the egos. The whole designer thing is just like clothes etc. Why pay way extra for say Tommy Hillfinger when you could have the same thing in Walmart brand. Yours is way better than mine because you paid 5 times as much for basically the same thing in a different pattern or color? Sure, LOL! The younger generation especially are major victims of "mass media & marketing" & unfortunately the trends created aren't just involving clothing & cars etc., but Herps as well. Just like when we were kids, the first one on the block with the "new toy" got all the status, until all the other kids could afford one then it was no big deal because they were common. Some kids still played with them & enjoyed them while others were out buying the new latest greatest. As in all aspects of life people buy things based on what others will think or what will make them look the most GQ, tough or cool, instead of whats most feesible for them & in these cases the animals. IMHO Mark
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