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I think the problem here is comparing apples to oranges.

Who are the people that go out, buy an Iguana, a RES, or a large snake or common pet store herp...then dump it.
It's not going to be someone passionate about herps. It was Joe Public. I love all kinds of reptiles. I won't buy an Iguana. I know I do not have the room or time to deal with that kind of animal. Joe Public sees it, says, "cool!" and buys it. After struggling with it, they dump it.

I am not into morphs really - but I do like to try and breed other species. Something that is a challenge. Something new. Something I KNOW I can find homes for when I have offspring from them.

Herpers shouldn't feel ashamed that they do not take these animals in, that they do not keep these species in their collections, or what have you. The problem does not lie with your average hobbiest - it's the general public.
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