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THX everyone for your comments. I took the pics monday night after around 3 hours work, so its pretty fresh in the pics. Can't wait to see what it will look like once color & detailing is completed later. It will give me something worthy to show off at the Tattoo Festival here in Calgary next weekend anyhow. Too bad IRONWILL is only attending as spectators. I think the boys are a little too modest myself. I probably shouldn't show off their stuff as it will make it harder for ME to book in LOL. People can waste their money on the "big guns" if they like, me I'm sticking with the "underdogs" for that fresh raw edge. THX again to Steve.
Oh & I was quoting BOC (thats Blue Oyster Cult kiddies lol) not some band that was still peeing in their pants when the tune they "covered" came out, LOL. I guess its up to us true "Old School" guys to set them straight on who deserves credit for what eh Ken (just busting yer B's there sketchy4, heh heh)
THX all, Peace Out! Mark
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