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nope ....the correction didn't make the front cover. I found it on a diff news site...then went back to original site and searched around for it. They really should check their facts before printing an article....thats how rumors start!!

BTW...I agree that Pits are categorized and blamed because of there reputation for aggression. I have known full breed pits that were great, loving animals. But, on the flip side, they do have the tendancy to turn on their owner or family members.
However, this can happen with any canine, but when a pit turns on someone it usually results in devastating injuries because of their power, which almost always gets media attention. In their defense though, these attacks happen most of the time because of irresponsible owners or because of neglect.
NO animal can be trusted 100%, but I believe that a pure bread pit, raised around kids in a proper home w/ proper training and made to feel like part of the family will not turn and attack.
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