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We're not used to seein' stuff like that. Look at it through a different perspective though. Our views are of modern Americas where we see dogs as pets, not protein for instance. With the bird flu goin' around, these people are to kill each bird. They dont have money to kill them through injection, nor do they have the time to grab each chicken by the neck, and twist it several times, fire is just a fast easy solution and it will get rid of all the bacteria in the bird, chickens in this case. Everything burns, no bacteria, easy clean up... what more would they want...

I dont, in any way support animal abuse of any sort. But we also must understand, that, not everyone loves dogs. Sure, poisoning them isn't the solution when they're runnin' through your yard and poopin' on your front yard, but we must realize, that there are people who really dont care about animals, at all.

Its really unfortunate what level of ignorance people can show towards other living organisms, but we're all different and thats how things are.

No one ever said life was fair for everyone.
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