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Most "dumped on" herps.

Sometimes it bothers me to see classified ads selling such amazing beautiful creatures. The reason is that I feel its kinda selfish when people have huge collections of designer snakes, but leave Green Iguanas, and things like R.E.S. in shelters....hmmm it's hard to explain how I feel without it sounding like some sort of insult to those with designer collections. I certaintly do NOT mean it as an insult...

Let's take moniters for example. Some grow as big if not larger than iguanas, the requirments for moniters are much the same, if not far more "complicated" for moniters...yet they are purcahsed at high prices sometimes while iguanas cannot even be given away and are consistantly abused.

Does anyone else have thoughts on this? I just feel if a person truely is into reptiles because they love reptiles they go out of their way to try and house some species that the general public has dumped on. Like my BF and have snake morphs, designer geckos, etc but I *Try* and house just as many commonly dumped on species as I can to match what I have in designer reptiles. Such as iguanas, res, etc. Although even I am a bigger fan of designer morphs, moniters. etc than those "regular" herps.

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