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Ok, I have some nix cream stuff. Is it always the same size? Well i have disposed of all the carpet and wood stuff in there. The plastic and ceramics have all been bleached out. Same with the cage and everything. The snake went in a rubbermaid(perfect size) with a water dish and carboard hide. Everything got bleached cause my dad wanted to do that. The enclosure was completely sprayed down with bleach too. Then watch everything, reapeat this process in a week, for three weeks? This is what i understand. Am i doing it right and does this sound good? Thanks.


Anyways, im going to mix the nix with some distilled water(1/4 of the nix to 1 litter, same as all the nix to four litters). I am going to take out the water dish, change the substrate to paper towel(from newspaper), and spray down the rubbermaid, snake, box, the new big cage that had the mites, everything around it, all decor, carpet around it, most of room around where the cage was sitting, leave all for 24h, go put the water dish back in the snakes cage,
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