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You mean on food and stuff? Or on new purchases... hehe

I'm sure that my numbers won't be as impressive as others... but I guess that I spend around $40 a month on food...

As for new additions -- I've been going a little nuts for the last few months *grin*...

Let's see -- in May, I spent $310 on 4 new leos (blizzard, blizzard het, patternless 66% het albino -- RIP, hypo tang)...
In July, I spent $465 on 1.2 albino leos
In August, I spent $275 on another blizzard (female this time), and a patternless 66% het blizzard... and $150 on another 0.1 albino
And so far this month -- I've spent $675 on a super hypo carrot tail male, and a striped female from the same carrot tail line..
Oh, and did I mention that I'll probably be spending another $650 on 2 more girlfriends for the carrot tail boy?

LOL -- holy ****. I didn't realize how much I've been spending until I looked at it typed out... hehe I could've got myself a new car for that! Well... a crappy car anyways

So anyways, that's me
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