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It's funny that you mention the book about Reptiles and Amphibians of Louisiana. My BF and I are planning a trip to Louisiana this summer to visit a friend of his and I have been thinking of getting this book, because I want to do a little herping while I'm down there.
1.4 Ball Pythons,1.1 Greybanded Kings,1.1 Cal Kings,1.1 Brooksi, 0.1 Goini,2.1 Striped Motley Corns, 1.1 Normal Corns, 1.0 Ghost Motley Corn,0.2 Anery Corns, 0.1 Emoryi x Corn, 2.1 Western Hognose,1.1 Leucistic Texas Rats, 1.1 Mexican Black Kings
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