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Derrik if you have something to say to me, say it. Don't come on here, turn something totally foolish and fun that we did into your own personal ridiculous freak out. Have a problem with my past avatar? Either tell me then or go cry on someone else's shoulder. No one on the forum needed your assinine statement in which you tried to display your lack luster psychology skills.

The reason previous inquiries were ignored is because its just that none important. Its simply a name we call Clownfishie which annoys her. To the point we made avatars to drive her even crazier.

Take something, anything....but dang boy...better get something to do instead of wasting time writing a post like that. Thanks for making me and Matt_k laugh though, we both needed it. LMFAO

Oh yeah and to I never knew people felt that a 100 by 100 pixel avatar was that important, that its status should be watched, and then even commented on! LMAO

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