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go to the pharmacy. buy the cream solution of NIX buy a 4L bottle of Distilled water. put all the cream into the water, shake to mix well. put some of that mixture into a spray bottle. store the rest in a cool dark place like under your sink or something.

remove everything from the tank, bake any wood stuff at 250 for 30 minutes. spray all 'furniture' for the tank, and the insides, outsides, and arounf the tank (within like 3 feet) withthe nix mixture. let it evaporate. your snake you can spray with the diluted mixture also. leave them in a rubbermaid or tupperware while the cage etc is treated. once the wood stuff is baked, spray that also. when all is dry, put paper towel in as substrate. replace everything except water dish. return the snake to enclosure. after 24 hours, you can replace the water dish in the tank (you don't want the snake to soak and then drink the water with nix in it that is why you wait 24 hours)
if there are any mites you will see them clearly on the paper towel. Repeat the whole preocess every week to 2 weeks. wait at least a month. If after a month, you have seen no mites, chances are you are safe and killed all the mites and the eggs. you can replace your tank as normal.
hope this helped. if you have other questions, you can MSN me or e-mail me at

hope it works out for you!
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