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Go to shoppers drug mart tommorrow and buy some nix, it's like 12 bucks a bottle(get the cream style and lather your hands and let the snake rub through your fingers for like a half hour,then rinse the snake under water. really should do some research before giving people BAD advice. NIX is a pesticide used to kill head lice on humans. Rubbing this stuff (in its purest form) on a reptile would almost definately kill it. However, diluted correctly people swear by this stuff. I myself have not used it yet.

Perhaps, you can ask Invictus to post the URL that he has on using NIX. I read through it and it is very informative.

From the info that I have found on mites. They are an ectoparasite that feed mainly on snakes. Here is a pretty informative article on mites.
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