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Originally posted by tHeGiNo
Do not use undiluted nix. Put the whole bottle of nix into four liters of water, and spray down the snake on the enclosure. Make sure you remove the water bowl, so the snake doesn't soak and take off all of the solution. In addition, you risk her drinking the water after she sits in it.
This is the method I use.

Since you won't be using the whole 4 litres (~1 gallon) of nix solution, you can store it in a cool dark place and it will last.

Stronger concentrations of nix can burn your snake, to be on the safe side we always mix 1 bottle of nix into 4 litres of water.

Also, spray down the whole enclosure with the nix mixture.

When we buy a snake, we put it in a rubbermade or aquarium with papertowel and nix everything. I then put papertowel over the snake, and spray that too. If there are mites on the snake, a close inspection of the papertowel after an hour will let you know.

I then repeat this process every week, for 3 weeks.

As regular maintenance and to make sure we never find mites sneaking back into our collection (people visiting the zoo could potentially bring them with them) - we spray everything, every 2 weeks. By doing this, we have not seen a mite on one of ours snakes for a very long time.

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