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Crap. Are They Mites?

K i just got a wood cage(used to have a hedgehog in it) yesterday from my uncle. I bleached it out, put some new carpet in it, then i put all this clean stuff in it, set the temperature. I put her in this morning, and now(10:30pm) i go to pick her up and as soon as i pick her up thes little tiny bugs less than a millimeter in size start crawling around(about 5-10). I think they are mites, im dumping the carpet and everything in the cage, im gonna rebleach the cage thoroughly and then possibly put the blood back. Anyways i thought mite were under the scales of snakes not crawling around on them. So do you think these are mites? The hedgehog died in that cage and i got it so maybe they came from the hedgehog? Thanks.

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