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LOL Jeff Ooooo... I just noticed that you live on the island too -- awesome! At least I'll know one fellow herp addict within driving distance And one with connections too.... *grin*.

Snake -- no, those didn't work either... This time, when I tried copying and pasting the link, I got this message: "Session invalid.
This message occurs because you have either previously logged out or your session has automatically timed out."
If you get a chance, you could upload the pictures to the gallery, and you'll be able to post them from there....

Hmmm... the list just keeps growing -- and changing I really do like the ball pythons -- maybe I'll just have to get over my "girth" issues... hehe The Irian Jayas are definitely nice too, and they stay a little skinnier. The spotted pythons look pretty cool, and they're a good size -- not too big at all For looks, the Brazilian Rainbow Boa is probably my favourite -- but doesn't make a great beginner snake from what I've been reading. Some of the other boas are very nice too -- but I think that most of them get too big for me. The surinam redtailed boa is really nice... Someone mentioned the rosy boas, but I don't really like the striped look so much -- is there any other boas in the same size range that have a different look to them?
I also had a look at a mandarin rat snake last night -- that was very cool looking I seem to remember someone making a comment that they were expensive though?

Anyhow -- enough rambling I guess
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