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Thumbs down okay...I just noticed this...

>1. Tragically Hip- will be around for years!
>2. Tea Party- Jeff Martin is the greatest musician we've ever had!
>3. Big Sugar- Just great tunes, constantly
>4. Barenaked Ladies- Better now they are more serious

Barenaked Ladies? Blech!
I still can't believe Wide Mouth Mason didn't make the list...has ANYONE listened to them before? Not only do the play GREAT music but they put on one hell of a show (saw them live in Kingston this summer, it was THE BEST show)
Alright, for those of you that haven't heard (of) them here's a link to their fan network site which has a clip of one of their songs in a flash animation intro (so if you don't have flash it won't work)
"Smile" by Wide Mouth Mason

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