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velvet - for this reason alone i think this is the reason that the breeder has not been named.

i personally wouldnt name someone unless i was 100 % certain of who it was.

im hoping that they do 1 more thing and that is put the 1 boa that they have down and get it tested as this will limit the possibilities of who or where it came from.
if the boa came back with saying it had IBD then it could mean that the balls transferred it to the boa or the boa transferred it to the balls it just prooves probable doubt.
should the boa come back clean then it limits the possibilities of where it came from and then the question is this....

if the 1st snake to die is that the breeder it came from ? or could a snake that is healthy now be the main cause of the disease?
(being just say BP's) or (just BOA's)

i hope snakelovers get all this sorted and dont give up on this hobby due to this 1 bad experience.

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