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Here's what everyone would be wise to consider:

First, Linds made both a refreshing and scientifically proven point that has yet to be achnowledged since on this forum. Linds reminded us that a ball python with IBD did not necessarily get it from it's parents. Having dealt with IBD personally, and done much research with vets in both Canada and the U.S, and such breeders as Pete Kahl, Tracy Barker and Jeff Ronne, questions that immediately arise for me are namely- how many other snakes are in the collection? When was this snake last in contact, via physical contact OR sharing of any cage accessories (i.e. poop scrapers, water bowls, newspaper, hemostats- yes, EVERYTHING!) with other snakes? When was the snake purchased from the breeder (as ball pythons are believed to only survive a month with the virus)? How did the vet determine the SOURCE of the pythons IBD (for an incorrect determination suddenly compromises his original diagnosis as well)? Also, since dirty hands can even be a potential point of transfer, what other snakes/collections has Snakelover been in contact with?
Until these questions are thoroughly and honestly answered, no critically thinking individual can freak out and point fingers, or we will end up with what someone has already referred to as a "witch hunt". The potential damage of such a hunt is no less violent than IBD to the hobby. For if all it takes is for one person to make a yet unsubstantiated claim in order for everyone involved to start hanging the noose, then this community is far to fragile to sustain itself in the long run. For as unfortunate as it is, a simple fact is that a persons name mentioned in a negative context sticks- even when the claim is later undermined by the truth.
For the sake of all that is good in this hobby, in this community and in the keeping of snakes themselves, i beg you all to be responsible, intelligent, critically thinking human beings. By all means ask questions, do your research, and inquire more deeply into the matter at hand. But don't make any assumptions, and certainly DO NOT take any action until you fully understand what is fact and what is fiction. Snakelover, disease in a collection is never a fun thing. There is, however, a lot to be learned from it, and hopefully an opportunity for all of us to become better keepers as a result. I hope that you will make a supreme effort to better understand IBD and to isolate the source of IBD in your collection, for you and everyone else as well.

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