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Hey Gary,

Not to steal your thunder, but chipping or PIT tagging is used widely in wildlife research, and I know researchers in Canada who have chipped hundreds and hundreds of snakes. Some of our native specimens are PIT tagged as per MNR requirements.

Implanting the chips isn't a difficult procedure. They are injected with a large bore hypodermic syringe. However, they are not injected "into the body cavity"- they are subcutaneously implanted. Also, although Bob Clark may have a way of doing it, his location is not a particular standard. Locations have varied from under belly scales or both left and right sides. Not that I would disagree with a standard, but I've seen no evidence of it existing as yet.

One thing important to understand- PIT tags are a great way to identify specimens but they are not tamper proof. They can be removed, reinserted into other specimens, etc.

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