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I, for one, would like to thank C_Ellenzweig for the useful info that was provided.
You're welcome, I'm happy to help!

chas*e on the other hand, is being a serious dumbass. Somehow they took a thread seeking answers people could use, and turned it into a bitchfest against insurance, and then a name calling contest. Grow up.
Can you believe that, after straight-out calling myself and all of my co-workers theives and "the scum of the earth", this guy gets defensive when I imply that he may be bitter towards insurance companies. He even goes as far as to call me on (even posting his phone number) and send me email implying threats. That's real mature tough guy!

This is Chas*e....I Pm ed this collin jerk to say that a differance of opinion didn't mean anything and no hard feelings but NO he had to go on about whatever with rude PMs to myself...anyways..screw you and him...same to you...don't worry you will not hear from me on this stupid topic again...thanks for the support from this site and it's members....I have never been anything but helpful to all reptile owners and the reptile community...I have never seen this guy be anything period on any aspect of many groups or societies did you or colin start or support...anyways ..goodbye...charlie
This is simply a lie. The only private message I received that an email. I would post it, but it would show up as mostly ***'s. Honestly buddy, look at the posts. You don't have much support on this thread. The people here want to know if their property is covered, not if you can quickly make up some BS about a topic you know nothing about.

Do starting a snake group in your mom's garage make you a herpetologist? Does it actually have anything to do with your experience? If you are so experienced and connected, why are you emailing me looking for hot reptiles? You obviously aren't too well known amongst Canadian herp keepers, or you would have lots of connections.

Hey ..screw this goof...I PMed him to meet me for a nice Hot cup of coffee...the wimp will not show up ..he is stuck to his computer terminal from the porn he orders...cant see his credit card number too much K-Y on, that jerk got me
If you don't have anything intelligent to say... don't say anything at all.

If anyone else has any insurance questions, PM me & I'll do my best to answer them. Obviously there it's an issue to post them in public forums.

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