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I think that Ball pythons are great begginer snakes, a ball python was my first snake, I was really scared of him at first, cause it was weird, having a snake and all, but now I love him to peices, we have made such a special bond, I and cant wait to spend 20 to 30 more wonderful years with him!! In fact, now that I have gotten this ball python, I just had to get another, so I did, then I got a red tailed boa. Anyways, ball pythons can get to be around 4 to 6 feet, and can live to be 40 years! ( if they are very well taken care of!) They get big enough to eat a rat once every one to two weeks, or something like that, but I truly think they are wonderful snakes. Whatever your decision, good luck and god bless! Also, Corn snakes are good too, I dont know much about em, But I am begging to like them myself, they are beautiful snakes!! Alrighty, good luck and god bless!! Bye bye!
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