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I, for one, would like to thank C_Ellenzweig for the useful info that was provided.

chas*e on the other hand, is being a serious dumbass. Somehow they took a thread seeking answers people could use, and turned it into a bitchfest against insurance, and then a name calling contest. Grow up.

I don't like having to be forced to pay insurance by government decree. I think that stifles competition, which in turn allows lawyers to say "Everyone has insurance, let's get the biggest payouts we can for our 30% cut." Without the laws that say I need car insurance though, I'd still buy it. During my commute each week in the winter I usually manage to avoid at least 2 major accidents. Drivers eating, talking on cell phones, or using bald all seasons during a snowstorm pop out of parking lots or drift into oncoming traffic without a care in the world. If I'm going to lose my car or my livelihood because of some idiot, I can at least count on my family to be supported during any downtime or, worst case, death.

If you have a big objection to insurance, try this. Don't buy it and stay off the road, since car insurance is the only obligatory insurance purchase needed.

I pay $1000 a year for a '99 Honda Civic 2 door, with a previous claim of $800 dollars for vandalism from a thief. The entire console had to be replaced. Insurance went DOWN the next year.

Home insurance is $20 dollars a month for $25,000 coverage. That would easily cover my electronics and computer equipment (which with the way prices drop due to technological progress would cost even less now). Furniture, good hardwood stuff, can be found very cheaply if you know where to go.

So if you have issues with your insurance company take it up with them. Not with someone who posts here to help other users understand coverage for reptile owners.
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