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It's easier to believe that corporate greed is at play here than it is to believe that fraud and litigation costs are the reason many Ontario drivers have seen their premiums double or triple in the last two years. Right, there has been that much more fraud and litigation in that short time span. If you're going to tell a lie at least make it a plausible one.

As for how you gain from regurgitating skewed and biased "studies" and statistics to explain away this shameless gouging, only you would know that info.

I'm still shaking my head about you referencing the corrupt and biased Fraser Institute.... This is the same bunch that has been spreading lies on behalf of corporate interests across the country not just biased in favour of private auto insurance. They did fake, junk science so-called "studies" in favour of private electricity, private health care and private education. Anyone else see a theme here? Corporate Canada wants to make money off any and all public assets they can get their greedy little fingers into. They dress up their lies with talk of "consumer choice" and lower taxes but in the end we have seen with auto insurance gouging, and the collosal failure of electricity privatization that it's really all about greed.
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