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Wow! You're pretty defensive! I never called you a thief. (Although, you may have a guilty conscience, I don't know what you've done in your life) I suggested that you may be bitter OR you may be paranoid that everyone is out to get you. Do you honestly think that the insurance industry somehow rounded up tens of thousands of cruel, immoral people to bilk you out of your money?!? That's rediculous!!

I am being completely honest with you. I have nothing to gain from lying. I don't care if you have insurance. I haven't even mentioned who I work for, so it's not like I am trying to promote my company. In fact, I have supported checking out several of our competitors in this forum.

I have to pay for insurance too. It's not cheap for me either. I have one at-fault rear-ender a year and a half ago (doesn't matter how much damage is done, rate goes up the same amount) and it costs me $3500 a year and that's with a 20% employee discount. So, don't think it doesn't affect me. I would love to be paying half of that.

The fact of the matter is that you are doing nothing more than pointing fingers. If you want you be proactive, I have already mentioned the direction you should take. Write to your local MP and demand legislation that caps payouts. The reason insurance is so expensive is because with the current bill, people often get $20,000 for whiplash. Two weeks off work and a new boat. Paralegels screw us every way possible. As of recent, they will finally be governed by the Law Society of Upper Canada. Hopefully, that will help reduce fraud - thus reducing premiums.
Paralegals aren't the only problem. Fraud is widespread. You know those tapes on Real TV. The ones where they record a guy who claims he can't work, moving a fridge. Our investigation department has a whole room of tapes like that. As I've said before, 10% or more of claims contain some element of fraud.

Once again, I have nothing to gain by lying to you. A few years ago I felt the same as you did about insurance companies. Now after working in the industry for a few companies, I have had a chance to observe their practices. Believe me, the insurance industry is made up of thousands of caring people. They do not want to screw you. They have friends and family who have been through the claims process. The employees in my company donate close to a hundred grand to United Way every year, out of their own pockets. (which the company matches) That's well over $500 per employee. As well, they are constantly organizing charity events. These people obviously care about about others, yet you don't hesitate to call them (and myself) thieves without actually knowing what you are talking about. Then, after calling myself and my co-worker thieves, you have the audacity to get defensive when I suggest that you MAY be bitter towards an insurance company. Maybe a friend of yours tried to get something extra out of their claim and got caught. I don't know, but you seem pretty bitter, considering you claim to have never had filed claim. And then you actually imply a threat. That's real mature buddy!

For anyone out there that appreciates the advice from someone in the industry who actually cares, I'm happy to provide to. (Even though again, I have nothing to gain at all) For anyone else who is closed-minded and determind to prove that we are getting screwed by the insurance companies, I'm no longer going to bother wasting my time with you. I started off trying to help, but obviously there is no point with some people.
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