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Insurance dude,

It's fitting that the same person that would point to a study done by the HEAVILY right wing biased Fraser Institute (isn't a guy named Mike Harris somehow associated with them? Need I say more about the "institute"?) would equate wealth with intellect? Consider for a second that some intelligent people may choose to put their minds toward something productive and beneficial to society rather than toward their own greed.

Point to all the skewed studies done by the greedheads at right wing think tanks and the lies told by the industry itself you like, it won't change the simple fact that a public system is cheaper for the driver because it isn't designed to bilk the captive consumer.

The bottom line is that all companies are designed for a single purpose and that is to generate profit for their investors. If it were true that insurance companies weren't raking in profits then it begs the question: Why are haven't they gone bankrupt and left town? Is this charity work they're doing?

I won't spout insults back at you though because I understand that why you're getting so upset. If the truth gets out about the racket you're in you'll likely all be rounded up and thrown in prison and if I were the one filling my pockets on the backs of people with real jobs I wouldn't want that to happen to me. Then you would all have to work for a living and what could be worse than that?lol!
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