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Wow... I think this is the first case I've ever heard of in Canada. Sorry to hear about it. How long did you have your Ball Python before it started showing symptoms? As you know with all the other animals that have been affected, it is highly contagious, meaning that it doesn't have to only come from the parents, and in the case of pythons, it certainly wouldn't have been passed down that way. Pythons cannot be carriers as they have a very short lifespan once infected, whereas boas can carry it for quite some time. Do you have boas in your collection? Do you have actual proof that this came from the breeder, or are you just going on the vets word? Is this breeder specifically in pythons? If they do not have boas in their collection, it is highly doubtful it came from them.

If you wish to disclose the breeder's name, as Marisa stated, please take it over to the CBOI
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