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If we start to see a trend of ridiculously high claim amounts like the US, I really dread to see what it will do to rates.
That is exactly what is happening in Ontario. The court are issueing higher and higher rewards. The legislation that was put in place to reduce benefit payouts (bill 198) has become so "watered-down" that it is actually doing the opposite. We need legislation that puts a cap on pain & suffering payouts and soft tissue injuries.

We're currently plaintiffs in a lawsuit, and I wouldn't even consider asking for 6 digits, let alone the 7 or 8 digit payouts that get approved in civil courts down south.
I'm not saying that nobody falls through the cracks. There are people out there who are entitled to compensation and have not recieved it. (You very well may be one of them, I don't the specifics of your case) There are avenues available to pursue this compensation. (Ombudsman, courts, mediation, arbitration, etc...) I'm glad to see that you are being realistic with your figures. I hate how people feel they should be rewarded because of an unfortunate incident. The insurance company didn't injure them in any way, yet they feel it should be rewarded. (even though it costs all insureds in the end)

Best of luck to you and I truly hope you recieve any money you are entitled to.

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