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Angry The Horrible IBD

We had no idea where to post this, but we really need to get everybody's opinions/views on the situation.
It all started about a month and a half ago when we discovered one of our ball pythons acting very strange, she had no control over her neck/head. So we took her to the vet, to be told that she MAY have IBD. We got her some medication incase that wasnt the problem with her, only to find that 4 days later she died. We then took her to the vet to get an autopsy done ,she was checked by 2 different vets (they sent brain matter, and other internal organs to be tested). A week later we get the results back, they come out positive for IBD. We have now lost 3 of our snakes to this, and the rest are soon going to be victims. The vet told us that this disease came from the breeders stock, meaning the mother or father would have been the carrier.
We have talked to the breeder about it before coming here. We were rudely brushed off and told it was our fault!
You'd think that being a well known breeder, "they" would have at least shown some consideration towards the situation, but instead just denied the fact that we were sold a snake with a horrible disease.
I don't see how this is fair to us at all, we've put everything we have into our snakes, and now we're going to lose it all from one snake that was supposed to come from a reputable breeder.

Thanks for your time,
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