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First off, anytime there is an 0D or fatal exception error, it almost always relates to whats going on in the memory. The best place to start is to replace your memory with some memory you just happen to have laying around. Ok.. now since you probably dont have memory laying around the best place to start is to make a couple suggestions and if one sounds applicable to your situation, someone can give you some further info.

- go through your add/remove programs and get rid of anything you dont use. clutter is bad.. 'specially with win98

- kill all those programs that are probably loading up on statup (icons in the bottom left corner of your taskbar) again clutter=bad plus those things usually eat up bunches of Virtual memory

- defrag

- full scandisk

- get updates

before thinking of upgrading your OS, what are your system specs? processor speed, current memory, Hard drive size etc.

I'm tryn' to byte my lip about AOL as an isp...

computers can be built cheap too

hopefully this starts you out in the right direction...
I'm a little rusty.. so .. ya know...

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