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Well guess what clever guy... here's a kick in the nuts for ya. Public insurance cost approximately $200 more per policy. If you actually did some research, it probably wouldn't be so easy to make you look stupid. Everything I have said, I have backed up. You on the, other hand have yet to substantiate ANYTHING you'e said. Here is the proof that public insurance is more expensive - produced by the Fraser Institute - The most respected independent body for consumer awareness in Canada. (Not associated with the insurance industry or government in any way)

BTW - You can download the full report from a link in that article. It's actually pretty interesting.

Oh no, not trickle down economics!!! AHHHH!!! By that logic if General Motors built their cars in Chinese sweatshops for $5 each I could expect that they would voluntarily drop their prices to proportionately... hmmm a $45 Corvette sounds nice, tell me another one man.
Wow buddy, you're not even comparing apples and oranges, you're comparing apples and dogs. What does "Trickle down econimics" have to do with the cost of operate a Property Liability Carrier in Canada? What does a $45 chinese corvette have to do with insurance?? I guess you're hoping that B-S will baffle minds. Or maybe you think people will be impressed with your vast (and so far incorrect) knowledge of business and economics. If you were actually as intelligent as you would like people to believe, you would probably have enough money that insurance costs wouldn't concern you. Obviously, that isn't the case.

Insurance premiums are regulated by FSCO (Financial Securities Commission of Ontario). Every year, every insurance company states their earning, cost of operations and intended rate. These rates are either approved or rejected by FSCO, a government organization. There are laws in place that prevent insurance companies from making too much profit on premiums.

You clearly have nothing to back up anything you say. You're doing nothing more than spewing ignorance. You can say whatever you like, but with every post, you lose more and more credibility. Keep it coming. I have access to every insurance related study ever done, more than enough to refute anything you could ever possibly come up with.
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