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Originally posted by C_Ellenzweig

If you really want your insurance lowered, write to your local MP. Tell them that you want legislation that limits medical fees and caps settlements on minor and soft-tissue claims.

Oh no, not trickle down economics!!! AHHHH!!! By that logic if General Motors built their cars in Chinese sweatshops for $5 each I could expect that they would voluntarily drop their prices to proportionately... hmmm a $45 Corvette sounds nice, tell me another one man. The fact is that when business makes money it doesn't kick any back to the consumer but rather continues to soak the customer as much as they can get away with while pocketing any additional cost savings.

Just wondering how long they held your eyelids open and forced you to watch insurance company propaganda vidoes. hahaha

PS. Yes, as a matter of fact I am very clever in my opinion! lol!
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