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I was wondering, I have insurance with Meloche Monnex at the moment, and when I spoke with one of the representatives, they told me it didn't matter if I had reptiles. Now, I don't have a close on my contract saying I have reptiles. Is this ok? I only got a word from a women on the phone everything was ok if I had reptiles. Nothing written. Do you know if this particular (TD Meloche Monnex) will insure you if you have reptiles or not?
Siretsap - I have heard that Meloche Monnex insures herp owners. If you were told by a rep, I doubt they would misinform you. The best thing you can do is call and ask again. When you do, write down the rep's name, what they tell you and the EXACT date and time you called. This way, if they do contest it after a claim is presented, you have evidence of the conversation.

You don't need any special clause on the contract stating you own reptiles. (Unless you have them as a scheduled item. You would not schedule reptiles unless they were extremely rare and worth several thousand dollars) Scheduled items are those in which you have bought specific coverage for. Eg a $10,000 ring. You would then send a reciept/appraisal to the insurance company to keep on record. If you even had a claim, scheduled items are basically replaced with no questions asked, as the insurance company already has proof of ownership and value.

The only clauses (of this type) you would find on your contract are exclusions. Unless your contact specifically says you are not covered if you own herps, you are covered. However, most policies do exclude any damage cause DIRECTLY by animals. (Therefore a fire caused by a faulty heat lamp is covered, as it was not directly caused by the animal)
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