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Good examples, Colin. I wasn't trying to suggest that insurance companies wouldn't be concered about business activities under $30K. They certainly are! I believe it was in the other insurance thread that I said if you are breeding and selling in any major manner, it would be considered a home based business, and most basic homeowner's policies won't cover it. My point was that it isn't against the law to do these things without GST and PST numbers. One thing I forgot to mention- under the Business Names Act, if you carry on business under any name but your own, you need to register said name as a sole proprietorship (or partnership), or you are breaking the law, albeit one that is rarely enforced. So saying you are "Jeff Hathaway" -breeder of reptiles is okay, but calling yourself "Jeff's Jungle", "Hathaway Herps", etc. would not be unless you register.

Thanks for the info on the way companies view Flexwatt!

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