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Please Help: Red Eared Slider Needs Good Home Asap!!!(free)

my friend has a 12 year old read eared slider named " turtly" who needs your help. He has been unable to provide adaquete care for her/him for 12 years. Turtly lives in a 10 gal tank at aprox.16-19cm long she/he can bearly move/ swim. There is no filter and until recently the water hadn;t been chaged for about 2-5 years. I know go once a week to clean her.his cgae until i can find a better home.Despite her horrible up bringing she is not nippy a bit shy but can u blame her. Her shell is black with white blotches due to shell peeling off but eats well. I will post some pics soon. if u are intrested in adopting her or know someone who would plz pm me right away or e-mail me at She is free but plz include a description of cage u will keep her in so that she will be going from worse to better.
plz shes in desperate need of good home any help greatly appricated.
Kayla Young
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