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Wow Colin, thanks for all the great info. On the other hand, there is quite a bit of misinformation in this thread that I think needs correcting:

If someone breaks into your home, your are allowed to use reasonable force in self defense. Reasonable is always a challenge to define. Generally in Canada the Ďreasonable personí test is used, i.e. did you act the way any reasonable person would act under similar circumstances. Shooting someone who is threatening you with a gun is reasonable. Shooting someone as they carry out your TV set is not. US law is very different in this area. Also, you are not allowed to set traps, hazards, etc. that would harm trespassers, etc. If a person broke into your house looking for some cash and got bitten by your free-roaming cobra/croc/rottweiler/etc, you could be sued, and you'd probably lose. If the same person broke into your locked cage with a warning label on it and got bitten by your cobra, you could still be sue, but youíll win. Of course, with legal fees, you could still lose $$$:-(

Electrical stuff- CSA does not certify electricians. CSA certifies products (not just electrical). Some products are not CSA approved for a variety of reasons (not marketed in Canada, low sales volume, and user-modified wiring requirements being a few). Such products CAN be inspected and certified through the Electrical Safety Authority of Ontario (or similar body in other provinces). Companies do this but individuals rarely do because of the cost. There are also 10 other certifying bodies such as ULC and ETL. Electrical work in your own home does not have to be done by a licensed electrician. It can be done by YOU. What does need to be done- you must take out a permit from the ESAO, and have your work inspected. I just had a final inspection done in January for our future classroom, and will be taking out another permit soon for my next phase of work. The permit cost varies with the amount of work you are doing, but expect it to cost around $120. BTW, the number to call for permits is 1-800-ESA-SAFE.

You do not need a business license to breed and sell reptiles! You also are not acting illegally if you donít charge PST and GST. You donít need to register for a GST number unless your business activities generate $30,000+ in gross sales. You donít need to charge PST unless you are buying things and then reselling them for a profit. Reptiles you produce in your basement would not have PST applied. Exception- if you get a PST number so that you can purchase food/supplies PST exempt to produce your reptiles at a cheaper cost, you would need to charge PST on your sales.

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