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Niagara Falls is one messed up town!! I went to school in Welland (I'm won't even start on Welland) for three years and I would be happy if I never saw Niagara Falls again! Beneath the bright lights and tourist attractions, Niagara Falls truly is a hole. It's a very dirty & decrepit town disguised by the tourist industry. (No offence to anyone from the falls) It doesn't suprise me that their laws are bull****.

Personally, I've never been to Kris' Reptiles. The only place in the area I've been that sells reptiles is Henley's (name is now changed) in St. Catharines. I found them to be pretty good for a local pet store, but definately not the most knowledgeable place.

What exactly are you looking for? There are some breeders I know of in the area.

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