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Damien Aube
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Here I go!

As some of you know, i have a degree in Film Making. So hoere is my list...

1. Aliens
2. Pulp Fiction
3. Apocolypse Now
4. Full Metal Jacket
5. Slap Shot

BUT..... The greatest film ever is "Leolo:because I dream". This was a Canadian film directed by Jean Claude Lauzon, who was killed 5 years ago in a plane crash. I highly recommend if you can find it, RENT IT! It will astound you! If your in Edmonton, stop by the store and you can borrow my copy.

Here are some more "classics"
Nightmare on Elm St.
The Warriors
On Golden Pond
Suicide Kings
War Games
A Clockwork Orange
Wierd science
The Cook, The Thief, his wife, her lover
Heavy Metal
Reservior Dogs
The Dead Pool

just to name a few!

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