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Informative post

If anyone was reading the other thread I started about insurance Pilot has no problem with reptiles in the home. Though they do want to be notified of the size.

They're a good place to insure your car too When I was in Toronto on business I parked in the lot at Yonge/Finch where I used to work at the MOH. I figured I'd be back by 6pm no problem. Network issues at the press event we were staging delayed me till 11, and I found my dashboard ripped apart and console demolished by an amateur thief. It cost 800 bucks to fix, with a 100 dollar deductible.
The next time my car insurance renewed I expected to get dinged in a big way. It went down almost 10%.

Paying insurance sucks. Paying taxes suck. But at least I know what's happening with my insurance money.
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