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My name is Andy. I don't live directly in Ottawa but I live in Kemptville, a solid 25 minute drive away from the Nepean area. I've been into reptile keeping for many years but actually got somewhat serious about it about a year ago. I currently own

0.1 Albino California King
0.0.1 Black Milk
1.0 Volcano Corn
0.1 Ball
1.0 IJCP

All I really want to add to my collection right now is another black milk so I can breed once I know the gender of the one I have. Reason being I am fairly young and plan on going to University. I have someone lined up to take care of them if i have to go away for a little while but he has somewhat limited room.

If anyone wants to drop in and see my small but nice collection shoot me an email or pm!
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