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Name's Roy. I'm relatively new to herps. I got my first corn in the summer, and I got a bull snake last week. I'm a frequent visitor at Ray's, and you know me Dom...I've got the 4 year old girl (Rebecca) and 2 year old boy (Jason) I bring out about every second weekend.

I like most snake species, and a few lizards. Due to money and space constraints I'm growing my collection slowly. My wife and I agreed we'd stick with the two until we get a house or until next year...whichever comes first. Next purchase will be some kind of carpet. Dream snake: Bredl's python, but they have to get a bit cheaper first. Right now I'd just like to get more experience with whatever I can get my hands on as often as I can.

Roy G
1 adult bull snake: "Dozer"; 1.1 juvenile bull snakes: Oscar and Phoebe; 3 baby red-sided garters; 1.1 macklot's pythons
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