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Originally posted by TheRedDragon
Hmmm...what gave that away? I'm really into black metal, industrial, dark wave, and goth; Invictus and I listen to a lot of bands that would potentially scare the crap out of most everyone's parents. *L*

You saw Moonspell eh? They were playing here with Opeth about a week or so ago, Invictus and I couldn't go as we both had to work.
LOL! I hear ya on that one, fortunately my friend's parents (including my own) have stopped giving me a hard time a couple of years ago, but for some odd reason people are still a little afraid of my room...hehehehe! (I think i may have too many The Exorcist posters and reptiles hanging around )

I'm going to the Opeth show on the 25th for sure, i think Devildriver is playing as well but i don't know too much about should be a good show, Opeth and Moonspell are kick *** live...that's worth the money already.

What else are you guys into? I know that Invictus is into Zombie, i think i saw a pic of him wearing a cool Zombie shirt or something...

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