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Here's the key... if you use distilled water, you don't have any water marks to remove so you don't need to use vinegar. I've been misting my Amazon twice daily for months and there's not a single spot on the glass. Before switching, I'd have spots after a single misting.
I was considering this, but then I have to keep in mind that I have several humidity loving lizards (ie. several mistings daily). For my chameleons, I usually go through at least a Zep Bottle and a half on each enclosure. Then the frilled dragons get a lot, as well. Not to mention baby beardeds. Thats a lot of distilled water! But nevertheless it is still an option.

Nuno, whats up man. You have got to let me know a day you will be working so I can come by, I know you miss me! LOL! Anyhow, doesn't the razor scratch the glass?
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