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yaaaaaaaarg!!!! true friggin metal!!

Slipknot sucks!! they just sing about depressing lives theyve made up for themselves!
its like John davis from Korn singing about his troubled childhood and brainwashing most of todays youth into thinking their childhoods suck!!!! think about it? Nothing i hate more than seeing some little fake kid dressed up like a vampire going home to his parents giant house where he watches Korn videos after school on his big 75" television, and listens to korn on his 50000$ sound system!! tough life!

System of a down is great.
alot of people forgot to mention rage against the machine!! (both anti Polotical, and anti government bands!!) great sounding music, and everyone knows the government is a great issue to get mad at and bang your head too! damn taxes.

Does anyone here listen to Ministry????
if you like metal download the following:
1. So What
2. Burning Inside
4. The fall
5. Lay Lady Lay
amazing ministry songs!! blows any slipknot crap away!!
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