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hmmmmmmmmm. When I first saw this post, I never had anything really weird....until recently

- was observing my leopard gecko's, and noticed my male albino licking at his vent area. Thinking oh crap, he's got something wrong, I noticed some ummmm, fluid. HUH? He kept licking and I noticed.....wellll, I think you should be able to fill in that statement.

I think he has reached sexual maturity

aside from that, my fish keep me laughing all the time.

- one of my large pleco's ( by large I mean an 11-12" common plec) will suck his way up the glass at feeding time, I slide open the lid and drop some flakes, he waits till the pigs have dispersed, and comes to the surface, swims belly up, sucker mouth pretty much out of the water, as I feed him flakes right in his mouth

- I've opened the lid to the fish tank before and forgotten about feeding.....sitting on the floor by the tank, reading......damn fish are so kind enough to splash, soaking remind me to feed them.

I have many other fish stories

Chris ( aka bichiraddict)
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