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Originally posted by Jeff Hathaway
Lots of people find that things they really enjoy as a hobby, or even as a money-making sideline, become drudgery to them when done on a full-time basis.
Oh, is this ever true. I'm another example of it. I've been working with computers my whole life, and even started programming at the age of 10. I don't have a formal education, but because of my knowledge, I was able to land a white collar office job, and now I've got 7 years of IT experience behind me. (I don't recommend this path, as it's almost impossible these days - I got VERY lucky.) I'm now a Sr. Software Tester / Jr. Systems administrator, and on the side I run my own business in web and graphic design. And let me tell you... aside from the web & graphic design, I HATE IT. I'm actually thinking about not only switching careers, but switching collars altogether, and taking up carpentry or cabinet making. Quite a switch from databases and web servers!

So here's my advice - your first year of University, take math, all math, and nothing but the math. You're going to need the extra time to pass if you're not good at it as you say. But once you have the math courses out of the way for good, it's smooth sailing.
- Ken LePage
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